Dating amperex tubes

Amperex bugle boy 6dj8/ecc88 we've got a nice stock of these, absolutely beautiful amperex 6dj8 / ecc88 bugle boy if you are looking for a tube that has a . Amperex, mullard, philips, and valvo tube codes mostamperex, mullard, philips and valvo tubes are marked with a group of symbols which contain coded information relating to the type, place of manufacture or country of origin, and the date of manufacture. More in-depth information on how to identify mullard, philips and other european tube types such as amperex and valvo can be found on brent jessee recording & supply website or by referring to this old philips tube code list any additional information on this subject, especially the engineering codes is most welcome.

Classifieds: for sale - matching pairs of vintage philips amperex electrohome branded 7025 12ax7 ecc83 tubes asking for $10000. Best quality pentode amplifier tubes made by amperex in italy these fine miniature glass 9 pin tubes are designed as wide band rf amplifiers they come with mesh . Amperex tubes are some of the best tubes you can get and are getting hard to find i have heard that ecc803s tubes (12ax7's on steroids) are great for guitar amps .

For the most european tubes made after 1955 date codes are located on the bottom of a side wall of a tube (not always the case) amperex: new york, usa ± la . The gold pin usa made amperex 6922 pq is becoming more and more of an extinct tube we have a few really old great sounding used ones that can be gotten for half the price of new late 60's and early 70's production. Amperex tube codes how to determine year if the 3 digits after the delta indicate year, month and week, how do you determine the decade for instance, delta 3a5 could mean 1963, 1973 or 1983. Sylvania 12at7 jhs is also a fantastic tube not giving teles any ground now came amperex i haven’t used holland made 12at7, so can’t judge the difference between french and holland made. Amperex 6dj8 ecc88 6922 for sale hello – i have a matched quad of amperex bugle boy 6dj8 ecc88 tubes for sale these tubes have gray plates and halo getters these tubes were made in holland in 1966 and have matching date codes.

Technical manuals we have a large technical manuals of original manufacturer’s vacuum tube service data for us and canadian products radios, phonographs, record-players, radiograms, tape-recorders and tvs, dating from the 1920’s to the 1980’s. Amperex (usa) 111 bendix 125 dumont 158 eimac (eitel-mccullough, inc) 162 electronic tube corp 169 general electric co (usa) 188 hytron (cbs-hytron) 210. The tubeking's 'tube tasters guide' amperex, siemens, telefunken, tungsram, rft, ei, mazda, lorenz, philips and others otherwise), dating around 1949 usa . Product description nos nib tungsram el84 6bq5- these mil spec tubes were actually made for siemens and are one of the best sounding el84 tubes we have heard from eastern europe.

12au7 amperex / philips / philips miniwatt holland 1960 - 1972 (lively midrange, sweet sound, good bass, quiet, this is not a dull 12au7) - ashdown little bastard 2010 - bk butler tube driver - (2nd only to the 7316 philips miniwatt holland and mullard holland, listed at top of page) to buy 12au7 philips holland. Tc tubes specializes in vintage vacuum tubes and valves for audiophile, guitar, radio, and do-it-yourself amplifier applications. Read and understand the codes the codes are written in two lines on standard tubes and in two rows on special tubes (as e88cc) on the glass close to the base example: i66 δ0k4. Best or smooth sounding 6dj8, 6922, 7308 tubes the 6dj8 family was originally developed by amperex the first tube in the family was the steel pinned 6dj8 . Amperex electronic corporation was a manufacturer of vacuum tubes and amperex tubes were original equipment parts in many models of tektronix and hewlett .

Dating amperex tubes

Amperex 6dj8 tube questions affect the sound of the tube, it's just a way of dating it to some degree quite a few of the amperex/philips 6dj8, 6922 and 7308 . I have a guy that wants to trade me a quad of tesla el34 i need help dating the tubes my second choice is close between the old tesla brown base and the amperex . (valvo amperex mullard) logos and labels the el34 gallery 6ca7 e34l cv1741 kt77 tubes from dutch production :.

Philips audio tubes (valvo amperex mullard) logos and labels characteristics understand codes common labels label colors ecc81 ecc82 ecc83 e88cc ef86 el34. Thanks for your compliments why don't you post some pictures of your cei 12ax7 tubes i'm quite used to their printing even if they're rebranded and. The holy grail of 6dj8 tubes for sale is a matched pair of ultra rare amperex 6dj8 pinched waist with d-getters dating from the late 50s (branded ge) treat yourself to a pair of the most desirable 6dj8 tubes of all time at my lower than low price of $27500 the pair. Classifieds: for sale - matched quad amperex ecc88/6dj8 orange label o-getter tubes holland asking for $7999.

Dating mullard preamp tubes sometimes, i'll find ge and amperex tubes that, after inspection, turn out to be mullards :dude quick navigation amplifiers top. 4cx350 series the 4cx350a/8321 has we still have us made eimac and amperex tubes available in limited quantities tube testing and grading after our full . Philips / amperex / mullard / valvo two digit codes code type comment code type comment code type comment ac aw43-89 bx xl36 c5 e288cc ad ec88 by mx153 8223.

Dating amperex tubes
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